Eternally Happy

Suicide cases are rising at an alarming rate. 

Young kids, with their lives ahead of them are driven to depression in numbers greater than ever before. All this when on the face it of it all, everything is hunky dory. There are smiling images peering out of the screen on Instagram and Snapchat, but behind this veneer there is melancholy and infinite sadness. A literal void that is leaving the youth of today utterly hopeless. There is plenty in the store front but the godowns are empty.

Why this Void?

We have forgotten our original identities. We identify with the bodies and make all attempts to nourish the vessel without caring for the occupants. We are fed a constant diet of naked materialism but the soul starves since it has no connect with god.

The six enemies of the mind lust, anger, greed, bewilderment, intoxication, and envy are always ready and deployed by depression, anxiety, gloom, and frustration to affect the mind. What's the solution?

The key in my opinion is looking inwards. Understanding the eternal nature of our being. When we realise that we are spirit souls and we have been seeking this ephemeral happiness from the material for countless births already. There is no chance in hell that this time it will be different.  From that starting point we can understand that the eternal source of happiness is Krsna. 


“Because we are spirit soul, our position is ānandamāyā. Ānandamāyā means always blissful. Because we are part and parcel of God… God is blissful, all-good, sac-cid-ānanda…Sat means eternal, and cit means full of knowledge, and ānanda means full of bliss

We cannot expect light when we are unplugged from the mains. We similarly cannot expect to be happy in this material world separate from Krishna. The material world is empty and full of pain but association with the supreme and the understanding that this body and thus the pains associated with the body are temporary give us the power to bear and to sail through this miserable world.

For those so interested, the Bhagwat Gita provides tremendous insights and resources. I highly recommend it to every seeker of the truth. I also recommend it for every weary traveler who has had enough of this material existence. Do not commit suicide, not only is it a grave offence but it also doesn’t help us get out of this loop of birth and death. It just leads us off into another cycle. Why not prepare so that  by the end of this life here on earth we are ready to never have to come back. We are ready to go back to our original home. Back to Godhead.




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