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Why flipping matters

One of India's most notable and successful Angel investors Mr Sanjeev Bhikhchandani has come out vociferously against the trend of Indian startups flipping to foreign jurisdictions , particularly the US state of Delaware.  I have linked the article above and have also summarized his main assertions against the concept of flipping below : It robs India of intellectual property and data India loses tax revenues India loses Market capitalization Indian investors get shut out I am attempting to respectfully counter Sanjeev's comments with utmost regard for his work. Intellectual property and Data This is partially correct, since in a flip scenario the intellectual property ownership is passed on to the new parent company. The nuance here is that in the case of established start-ups where intellectual property has already been created this transaction happens at a certain prescribed value that brings in monies into India and is thus not a one sided transaction. In the case of fledgl