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Eternally Happy

Suicide cases are rising at an alarming rate.  Young kids, with their lives ahead of them are driven to depression in numbers greater than ever before. All this when on the face it of it all, everything is hunky dory. There are smiling images peering out of the screen on Instagram and Snapchat, but behind this veneer there is melancholy and infinite sadness. A literal void that is leaving the youth of today utterly hopeless. There is plenty in the store front but the godowns are empty. Why this Void? We have forgotten our original identities. We identify with the bodies and make all attempts to nourish the vessel without caring for the occupants. We are fed a constant diet of naked materialism but the soul starves since it has no connect with god. The six enemies of the mind lust, anger, greed, bewilderment, intoxication, and envy are always ready and deployed by depression, anxiety, gloom, and frustration to affect the mind. What's the solution? The key in my opinion is lo