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SJW and a little blue bird

I write this in the backdrop of the killing of George Floyd and the protests that ensued. I understand voices of color and I understand the frustration that compels them to violence, the unquenched need to be heard, to be considered. That this comes in 2020, in the country that deems itself the epicenter of modern civilization is a shocker. That too after 8 years of a black president! I have personally encountered racism but in Australia and the UK, never in America. Not to say that because I haven't faced it doesn't exist. I talk primarily with the protests in mind and how the militarization of American police and their disregard for black citizens perhaps is the most important catalyst here. What is also important to note is the sharp left turn that discourse has taken in American politics. Campus Marxism has become rampant on mainstream media and in Washington DC. While I understand the sex appeal of communism and socialism on college campuses, utopian ideas of