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Thoughts on People

People come and go and some people leaving is not an uncommon occurrence. This has been experience of our colleagues in Mumbai as well as other colleagues around the world. I do recall an exchange in Copenhagen with our Australian counterparts who recounted a recent event where one lady who was somehow dissatisfied left . Before she left, her words and her actions caused enough instability within the minds of some others in the team who too left shortly after. We have experienced the same with our practice. People tend to form cabals at work and if the fulcrums of these cabals leave others tend to follow suit. Now this may cause short term disruption to the work of the firm on account of short staffing and the like it has absolutely no impact on the long term future of the firm. People want to see patterns that affirm their logic and decisions, people who leave tend to see nothing but gloom at the firms they leave. Imagining a future where there is no one to put out the f