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Definitely Maybe?

Maybe we do need to realize that life is not a bed of roses.  That there isn't redemption every time around.  That people are fundamentally broken and do not operate on logic.  That different people work on different operating systems of life and may not be necessarily compatible.  That everything is temporary and the bad times as well as the good times will not stay forever. Maybe we need to  realize who we are, inside and out.  We need to stop running around just sit and watch the show.  For sometimes, you don't really have any agency on matters at.  You are just strapped into the ride. Like it or not.

how to make a hit

The best way to make a hit is to build something for the smallest viable audience and make it so good that people tell their peers.   Via :

Slavery of the Mind

So much of the modern conception of "beauty" has been enforced by the west. White skin, Caucasian features , blue eyes, have all been forced down our throat while at the same time telling us that the color of our skin, our Indian features were somehow inferior.  True Independence is independence of the mind, its been 70 years now. Lets get rid of these false ideals. Wear your brown skin, all shades of it, with pride.

Ironies of Life

Yamaraja once asked Maharaja Yudhisthira, ‘What is the most wonderful thing within this world?’ Mahārāja Yudhisthira replied:  Hundreds and thousands of living entities meet death at every moment, but a foolish living being nonetheless thinks himself deathless and does not prepare for death. This is the most wonderful thing in this world. #dailyreminder