Lockdown to Opening up

From a reluctance to try work at home and distant working practices, we have now been forced to live the work at home life for the last 2 months. I imagine, I am certainly not alone, that this pandemic is going to lead to a marked difference when it comes to our working lives. If you are fortunate enough to still have employers or businesses to go back to when the economy opens up again, you will perhaps look at the ways of the lockdown when you were able to get a full night’s sleep, take a quick bath and report to work in 5 minutes while nursing your breakfast instead of commuting 90 minutes each way in the middle of mind numbing traffic.
On the flipside, employers too will realize that if a job can be done by Joe from his remote working log cabin in Montana it can also be accomplished by Ram in Delhi, India and that too less than a third of the cost. An example is Tulsa Advisors who are running a global accounts and finance firm from New Delhi. They are working with global companies to take away the headache of maintaining books and accounts while letting entrepreneurs focus on their core business .
Entrepreneurship too should find a fillip in this crisis, as many people get laid off or just happen to have more time on their hands, they will gravitate towards setting up their own fledgling enterprises. They will find that they have greater access and ease of reaching potential customers than they imagined.


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