In Defence of Virat Kohli

I have never been a fan of Virat Kohli.

No, I have nothing against him, but for some reason or the other I never found enough reason to get behind the Virat Kohli bandwagon. I have never wanted to sign up for the club and in what is possibly the worst outcome for a celebrity I have never cared about his on or off the field antics.

and yet I will defend him.

Virat has come under a substantial barrage of criticism, not just from the Australians ,  which was always to be expected, but also from a significant chunk of Indian cricket punditry. even though 60% of the population qualifies for the latter, this comment is aimed at those who tend to get access to megaphones in the form of newspaper and magazine articles as well as sound bites on television and beyond.
The main charge against Virat is that he is too aggressive( that is rich coming from the Aussies), that he is disturbing the spirit of the gentleman's game, an actor even called him the worst behaving player.

Hmm, the gentleman's game. Who defines it so? Are we to follow the coattails of the English? If yes then we should remember that this very definition was to insulate cricket as a sport for the royalty, the etonians, the upper creme De la creme while keeping out the working classes who presumably took to soccer and rugby. The gentleman's game isn't so much a comment on the sport but on the kind of gentry the English wanted to see the sport played by.
That liberty no longer belongs to the white man. The sport now well and truly belongs to the sub continent, the swathes of humanity residing here decide who gets to play the sport and who does not.
I don't like cricket either, but it is now an every persons game. and to impose English wisdom on the sport would be quite frankly stupid.

Virat may be aggressive, he may be un-relenting, he may be angry, i suppose everyone should learn to live with this new face of India. This new generation is aggressive, angry and self assured just like the man they adore. He gets the job done and they aspire to too.
There is a new wave of self confidence that is in the air, however it sometimes seems to be too much for those who know only to kow tow to others and have problems in having pride in their own identity. The Aussies never faced a backlash at home for their "assertiveness" quite the opposite they wore it like a badge of Honor.
We on the other hand have been brainwashed for centuries to think that standing up for ourselves is wrong.

Virat changes that, he doesn't give a hoot and it is difficult for so many "intellectuals" to stand. 


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